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Welcome to Tynder Labradors owned by Travis & Sarah Fischer and located in Renton, Washington. We are busy novice hobbyists with day jobs who enjoy raising and training our Labradors to participate in Conformation, Hunt Tests, and Obedience events. We are also learning about Therapy work and would like to pursue this avenue in the future.

Although we spend quite a bit of time at events and out training, what matters most is having Labradors who are members of the family!


We will occasionally have a litter of our own or breed one of our boys, when we do, a "LITTERS" link will be posted on our Labradors page. All puppies headed for loving pet homes will be sold on AKC Limited Registration contracts. If you wish to breed to one of our boys please contact us for stud information, clearances, and minimum requirements for the bitch. We do have the ability to collect and ship semen.

A list of breeders in the Pacific Northwest Region and information about Labradors can be found on the Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association web page, www.pslra.org. We encourage learning about Labradors and their health clearances before searching for a puppy or older dog. Anyone who has made a well thought out decision to invite a dog into their home may even consider finding an animal from a rescue or adoption program.

Travis, Sarah, Axle & Cosmo
Travis, Sarah, Axle & Cosmo Christmas Photo 2006


I grew up in a household inhabited by pets. The animals were members of the family and nearly all of them were adopted from animal shelters. Each animal, dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, lived out its days in our home, happy and healthy.

As an adult, when my husband Travis & I decided to search for a dog. I already knew what I wanted. A purebred chocolate Labrador. I had never lived with a Labrador before but they looked like fun. I had seen them at dog shows and on television. I imagined long summer jogs and winters in front of the fire with my dog curled up under my feet. I managed to pass the vision on to my husband and he readily agreed to a Labrador knowing absolutely nothing about them.

Our story of finding our first Labrador Cosmo is not flashy or wrought with wrong turns, and I am glad. From my upbringing I took buying my first purebred dog very seriously. If we were going to have a Labrador, I wanted one that was foremost healthy, with parents of correct conformation, and from a good breeder. I did not want to encourage backyard-breeding, puppy-milling, or anything that would be contributing to the population of animals in shelters I saw while growing up.

I did research through the internet and looked at AKC club websites. Through word of mouth I met Anne Swindeman of WindyCanyon Labradors. Anne had a litter and she was going through her interview process. The process was wonderful and could not have been more educational. Anne decided to let us have a pup but not without a speech about how many different AKC activities can be done with a Labrador, and how we could "do more" than just enjoy him in our home. We picked up Cosmo at 8weeks old; he was a little bundle of chocolate joy, happy, feisty, and cute as only Labradors can be.

As Cosmo grew, he became a gateway to new and exciting things. Spending time at obedience class created opportunities to meet new people and try new activities. We met members of the Puget Sound Labrador Retriever Association (PSLRA) and joined the club. Today we enjoy training, attending dog shows, volunteering for the PSLRA, and spending cold nights in front of the fire, all because of Cosmo and Anne's encouragement to "do more." I have found owning a Lab is similar to working for a delivery service. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will stop a Labrador from being a sidekick for the day's activities!


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